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We are often asked when is the BEST time to sell?


Like all good questions there is no right answer! Perhaps it is in the New Year when we have got time to look at our goals and aspirations and can give the time to getting our information up to date and correct.


Or maybe it is when the work heat is on and we can show impressive numbers of new clients to a prospective purchaser?


In reality of course YOU choose when it makes sense to sell!!


However, DON’T wait until 31st March to list your practice (when you will have up to date financials to show prospective purchasers!!


At that time everyone is heads down and churning through Annual Financial Statements of the most vociferous clients.


You and prospective purchasers will be more relaxed NOW and can take the time to give the sales process all the attention it deserves!


As well, the information memorandum (remember that?) will be easier to prepare as you will be able to give purchasers the real oil now rather than in the heat of the busy season!


So the answer is probably NOW is the best time to sell!!



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